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Best Value


US$ 1.800


The full course.

Access to all modules, notes, templates and measurements.

Two free 30 minutes zoom calls to get one on one guidance.

Parts for collapsable mold, mailed to you on enrollment.

Installment plan

US$ 600


3 payments - pay as you progress.

Ideal if you have limited funds available to begin classes.

2 course modules at a time, bought sequentially.

Does not include collapsable mold parts or templates.

Option to add on student forum and zoom sessions.

Payment can aslo be made via Zelle:

Having taught numerous students over the years I have found that certain jobs might require some experience and skill to do effectively and for nearly all of my previous students I have done these jobs for them.


They include bending the ribs (sides) which can be a tricky process with danger of cracking or burning the ribs. Secondly this would require a student to purchase a bending iron and strap which would be added expense considering this is more likely to be once off project.


My module of bending the ribs will show in detail all of the steps involved if you wish do it yourself, however, I am offering students the option of purchasing a ready made rib structure which I will personally assemble. 

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