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Having taught numerous students over the years, I have found that certain jobs do require some experience and skill to do effectively and for nearly all of my previous students I have done these jobs for them.


They include bending the ribs (sides) which can be a tricky process with danger of cracking or burning the ribs. This would require a student to purchase a bending iron and strap which would be added expense, considering this is more likely to be once off project. 


Bending the ribs module will show in detail all of the steps involved if you wish do it yourself, however, I am offering students the option of purchasing a ready made rib structure which I will personally assemble. This does require a fair amount of time so by pre registering you might wish to consider ordering the rib structure at the same time, so when the course officially goes online I can immediately send you the completed rib structure to avoid any delay. 

Besides the ribs, there a few other jobs that require some skill and that would be joining the back and front. so I am offering this as another add on option.

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