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Conversation with students and testimonials

"Brian is the most patient and generous instructor. When I say generous, I mean he doesn't hold back on any trade secrets. He will share all his knowledge with any student, because he is a true teacher, wanting only the best for each student." 

Gregory Pastoll

"I hope your new students have as much fun as I had making a violin for my grandkids .... you made it so easy for me at the age of 72 to use tools that I never heard of much less worked with. My grandson plays my violin, although my granddaughter started out on violin she switched to cello." 

Carol Washington

"Brian is a master craftsman and is as meticulous and patient in his teaching as he is in creating his own new instruments.
Working with beautiful pieces of wood and transforming them into an instrument that produces beautiful sounds was for me a real gift." 

Vivienne Cowley

"I was privileged to attend a violin building course with Brian, at that stage I had already been building guitars professionally for 10 years. This experience of delving into age old techniques really sharpened and honed my skills to the next level. Being part of this experience was a highlight in my career as a Luthier." 

Matthias Roux - Casimi Guitars

"I made a violin with Brian that exceeded all of expectations. I am not a woodworker. I had never used any of the tools needed for the task, but he imparted his knowledge with patience and humor.

I highly recommend his tutelage to anyone who wants to have this incredible and unique experience of taking a block of wood and creating an instrument of sublime beauty and sound."

Marcy Luikart 

"Brian Lisus is one of those rare individuals who is truly giving. Whatever skills  he has spent years learning and perfecting, he is happy to share openly and completely with others.

I look back on my time learning from Brian as one of the most enriching things I have  ever done. 

He is a world leader in his craft, if you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to be one of his students - go for it, you will never regret it."

Caryl Blomkamp

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